Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How to play snooker - basics - some more rules and situations

Snooker is a beautiful game which utilizes 22 balls; 15 reds, 6 different colored balls, and one white ball.
The 6 colored balls are colored yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black; in ascending order of value.
Yellow is worth 2 points, green 3 and so on. Each red ball is worth 1 point. The aim of the game is to accumulate the maximum number of points till the end of the game.

The player must pot a red on every odd numbered shot of every turn. On every even numbered turn, he must pot one of the six available colors. A turn ends when the player misses a ball.

Yellow - 2 points
Green - 3 points
Brown - 4 points
Blue - 5 points
Pink - 6 points
Black - 7 points

Course of the game:

1.Snooker break off
The first shot of every snooker game is the break shot, and it is played from the D either from between the brown and yellow to come to the baulk end after bouncing off the right side cushion, or from between the brown and green to come to the baulk end after bouncing off the left side cushion. For starters, play it keeping the cue-ball around halfway between yellow and brown, with a little bit of right hand english and try and come 2 or 3 cushions behind the yellow or brown.

For more details on this basic and few advanced break-offs click here.

2. Snooker breaks or runs
When you never miss, you score the most points possible and there are a few players who have made 147 in an innings, which is the highest score achievable. If the free ball rule is on, you can very well make a maximum break of 155!

3. Safeties
If you think that a shot is risky, you can play a safety and come behind the baulk colours if there is no loose red in the baulk. You can also do all other types of safeties such as potting a red from near the black in one of the long baulk pockets, and staying behind all the reds and even good position for black. This is known as an attacking safety, that is, you play for the pot, but safe as well, so even if you miss, your opponent has no easy shot.

You can check out the some safety shots explained here.

4. Snooker
A snooker situation arises when you or your opponent is left with no choice but to play the ball on either by hitting a cushion first or by playing a masse shot. Different situations will be discussed later on, in this blog, so keep checking :)

5. Free ball
When your opponent fouls and your ball on cannot be hit half ball on both sides directly, then you can nominate a free ball. If you pot the free ball, you will be given points according to the ball-on. However, you are not allowed to snooker behind the free ball. More lessons to follow on how to play snooker.

6. Potting the colours
After no reds remain on the table, you have to start potting the colors in increasing order of value starting from yellow all the way to black, totalling to 27 points. Check the list near the top of this article to know more.

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