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Some widely known cue stick manufacturers

Listed below are some of the world's most widely known pool and snooker cue stick manufacturers. These sticks will give you many years of enjoyment and satisfaction in playing cue ball sports.

The professional's choice. Most of the professionals use the Predator 314.Some include pool and 9 ball legends such as Alex Pagulayan, Corey Deuel, Ralf Souquet and snooker pros such as Cliff Thorburn, Karen Carr among many others. Choose this brand if you want to enjoy the game with the best cueing power and precision. Note that the many of the billiard industry's technological breakthroughs have been led by Predator since 1994. Apart from the best engineering, design, and build quality; many models are equipped with technologies such as a device which minimizes or nullifies the squirt effect. So rest assured that you will get top notch quality. Check out some of their collection by clicking on links below.
Predator BLAK21 Pool Cue
Predator BK2 Break Cue with Sport Wrap
Predator IK202 IKON 2 Pool Cue
Predator IK206 Ikon 2 Pool Cue
Predator IK209 IKON 2 Pool Cue
Predator P3 Pool Cue
Predator Sport Pool Cue

Action cues. Action cues are one of the top selling cue stick brands. They have cue sticks from beginner to professional levels. You will get quality products at some of the most affordable prices. They have been making these excellent cue sticks from the past 12 years and their selection is quite varied. These cues are also made from high class material. You can check some of the selection by clicking on the links below.
Action STR01 Pool Cue
Action STR02 Pool Cue
Action STR05 Pool Cue
Action STR09 Pool Cue
Action VAL01 Pool Cue
Action VAL02 Pool Cue
Action ACT47 Pool Cue

Outlaw cues. 
Shoot pool with with a wild west feel. The rough, yet smooth feel of the material and the art and build designs will probably give you a unique feel, even if you are a not fan of the wild west. Their unique barbed wire designs are given a blowtorch finish, by actually branding it into the wood. Outlaw cues also feature high quality stainless steel joints in order to match the stainless steel etched butt plate. Also, instead of irish linen, outlaw cues feature beautiful saddle leather wraps.
Outlaw OL04 Pool Cue
Outlaw OL07 Pool Cue
Outlaw OL09 Pool Cue Bundle
Outlaw OL13 Pool Cue
Outlaw OL28 Pool Cue Bundle
Outlaw OL23 Pool Cue
Outlaw OLBK Break Cue

Scorpion pool cues.
Led by legendary pool champion Johnny Archer, these are some of the best in the industry today, and quite affordable at the same time.

Cuetec pool cues. 
These cues have a solid high level protective armor, and will remain protected from warping by moisture or temperature changes. Two great players who endorse this brand are Shane van Boening and Allison Fisher. These cue sticks undergo a "power bonding process", which keeps them protected for years to come. You will get few of the most precise, solid and 'feature packed' cue-sticks out there.
Check them out!
Cuetec CT263 Pool Cue
Cuetec CT264 Pool Cue
Cuetec CT274 Pool Cue
Cuetec CT275 Pool Cue
Cuetec CT296 Break Jump Cue
Cuetec CT535 Sneaky Pete Cue
Cuetec CT692 Pool Cue
Cuetec CT731 Pool Cue

Their latest cues as of July 2012 are

R360 Inlay Series: #13-678, #13-679, 13-680
Natural Series: #13-723, #13-724 & #13-725
Gen-Tek Series: #13-715
Break Series: #13-685

Meucci pool Cues. 
Use these cues if you want maximum power with minimum effort.
Meucci 21-1 Pool Cue
Meucci 21-2 Pool Cue
Meucci 21-5 Pool Cue
Meucci 9701 Sneaky Pete Cue
Meucci 9709BD Pool Cue
Meucci 9721BBD Pool Cue
Meucci PA-5 Pool Cue
Meucci HOF04BD Pool Cue

McDermott pool Cues. 
They are among the highest quality, american made, two piece pool cues.
McDermott M16A Pool Cue
McDermott M29B Pool Cue
McDermott M54A Pool Cue
McDermott M72A Pool Cue
McDermott G202 Pool Cue
McDermott G203 Pool Cue
McDermott G210 Pool Cue
McDermott G303 Pool Cue
Joss pool cues.
These are designed by Hall of fame cue maker Dan Janes. Very sought after cue sticks by great players as well as hobbyists.
Joss JOS01 Pool Cue
Joss JOS02 Pool Cue
Joss JOS11 Pool Cue
Joss JOS12 Pool Cue
Joss JOS98 Pool Cue
Joss N7 The Color of Money Pool Cue
Joss Thor Hammer Break Cue - Ironwood
Joss JOS93 Pool Cue

Note that this information is a little incomplete, and I am working on it. Also, don't blame me for not listing your favorite manufacturer. This is in no particular order of quality.

Kids, don't try to bet money which is not yours to purchase an 800 dollar Predator cue-stick.!!

Note that this is a collection from You can click on the links above and below to visit them and see their collection.

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