Friday, 10 August 2012

Some of the best books on cue ball sports.

I have listed below some of the best books available in the market today if you want to successfully master the games. This list contains books to master pool, snooker, 9 ball, billiards, straight pool, bank pool etc, and to master inner elements of the game such as mental stability during the frame, and the entire match.
A master of the game once said, you gotta study like there is no tomorrow and practice like mad if you want to master these wonderful and artistic cue-ball games. Check out the list below.

This book, written by Robert Byrne, will teach you in detail most of, if not all the shots possible in pool and billiards. It has clear diagrams along with some of the best explanations to help you understand and analyze every shot correctly. You will be able even learn advanced shots such as masse and multiple rail pots. This book is for beginners to advanced players in pool and billiard games.

Another book written by Robert Byrne, focuses on the top 350 shots which every successful player should know. This has all the shots from easy 3 feet half ball cuts, to more difficult cuts such as the thin cut. The proper way to play long straight pots is also discussed in this book, among many great things related to snooker. These 350 shots will ensure that you easily beat almost every opponent in town if need be. That said, you need to practice as well to see improvement in your pool game.

This book, written by Nicholas Leider, who is the managing editor of billiards digest and published by Wiley publishing will teach you all the essential shots and positional play you will require in games such as 8 ball, 9 ball and other pool games. It also has a section of trick shots by which you can easily amaze your friends, probably even win a hustle or two.

Phil Capelle is one of the greatest authors of pool instructional books. This book will teach you all the shots you need to master the game of straight pool. For example, you will be taught how to break clusters using extreme draw and follow, pocket a ball from the cluster, make rail shots, follow different patterns, play your best defensive game among many other things to win at this great game.

One pocket is a game where you and your opponent each have only a specific pocket where you can pocket your balls in. This book by Eddie Robin teaches you everything you need to know to get an extra edge over your unaware opponent. This book contains teachings by Eddie Taylor, Grady Matthews and other greats of one pocket pool. It analyzes and teaches you different shots, moves, methods and systems to help you easily win games of one pocket, and thereby embark on a road to mastery of the game.

Clive Everton, one of the sport's greats teaches you how to play snooker and billiards, the different shots, routines, angles and whatever other things there are to master snooker and billiards. After reading this book, you will definitely become a better snooker player, and beat the crap out of all the posers out there who think they know everything about this great and artistic game.

In this book, John Spencer, another legend teaches you the game, its different moves, how to easily make great breaks among many other things. Enhance your game and bring it to the next level with this next level book on snooker. I have read this book in detail and I must say that this has helped me improve my game a lot over the last year or so.

Successful snooker, written by none other than Steve Davis, a current legend in the world of snooker; is a wonderful book which teaches you many great shots, routines, safeties, among other things such as the mental game. I have read this book many times for probably 2 years now, and I must say that Steve Davis has really helped me bring my game to greater heights.