Friday, 10 August 2012

Training / Learning aids

These training aids will help you a lot, especially if you are a beginner. If you are an intermediate to advanced level player and are suffering from issues such as misses at critical times, then maybe you are not hitting on your intended part on the cue ball, and practicing using these training balls and aids will help you to rectify that mistake.

This is a practice ball. If you are new to the game, this could prove to be of extreme importance. It has 5 distinct points describing 5 regions, but that is not all. Using this ball as your cue ball, you can be sure, that you have hit the point on the cue ball which you had intended to. It will help you to learn shots such as stun, follow, pull back and a little advanced shots such as top left, top right bottom left and bottom right.

This is a learning aid similar to the one above and as you can see, it has a cross at the center. You can use the lines on the cross to apply different kinds of spins. If you like, you can use points on the circle as well to make advanced shots with a combination of spins from the vertical as well as the horizontal axes.

A similar product from Aramith has a high quality cue ball, so rest assured that you can bang the cue ball all across if need be without any worries of damage to the cue ball. This works in a similar way to the products above, and also comes with an instruction booklet. This product is made from phenolic resin and has a protective coating which makes it water resistant.

 This is a high quality Jim Rempe training ball set having all the points for the required spins on the cue ball. It will make you control the cue ball like the pros. It has 3 concentric circles. The central circle will let you apply just a little bit of spin on the cue ball. The middle ring, and regions inside it like HL,HR etc are for the amount of spins which are put generally. The outside ring is for extreme spins only, and it's circumference will tell you what are the miscue-able points on the cue ball.

These two balls can be of extreme importance if you want to understand half ball hits, 3 quarter ball hits, a quarter ball hit and so on. You can also be sure if you are hitting the object ball dead center using the ball on the right as the object ball and by matching it's circumference line with the pocket. Note that the circumference line divides the ball into two equal parts of different colors. If you use the stripe ball as a cue ball, it will let you see what kind of spin is there, before and after the shot. As you may have noticed in the picture above, the striped ball is divided into 3 somewhat equal parts. In the figure, it looks as if the top white part denotes 3/8 th of the entire ball, the bottom part as well. You can place the ball at different angles and try to make different kinds of cuts.

As the name says, these balls have six dots, 3 made vertically, and 3 horizonally. These can help you analyze the exact points using upto 3 visible dots at a time on the cue ball, and at the same time play a perfectly natural game of pool, 9 ball etc. This is a pack of 16 of these balls, and at quite a discounted price. These balls are made of polyester resin and are around 7-8 pounds each. Click on the picture above to know more.

This innovative product, by the master women's snooker and pool player Allison Fisher, will help you enhance your knowledge about different angles. It teaches you the popular 3 cut method of aiming. It shows you whether the cut is a half ball, quarter ball, three quarter ball etc. It helps you easily identify the cut by showing the contact point between OB and CB. It even shows the path of the object ball and cue ball after contact. You can hence correct all your angles and shots to play a perfect game of pool or snooker.

Another aim trainer which is placed on the far rail of the table, this device helps you get the perfect aim by telling you whether you are hitting to the left, right, or on the target. It also emits sounds when the aiming path changes. Recommended exclusively by former US Open champion Tom Kennedy, this product will let you correct errors such as accidentally adding unintentional side on the cue-ball or even the most dangerous error, aiming off line consistently.